456 Hotel

87 Guest House

A Hotel Baguio

Aleph and Dalet Guesthaven

Alf'S Inn

Althea Sophia Transient House

Bag-C Vacation House

Baguio Benguet Community Credit Cooperative

Baguio Burnham Suites

Baguio Condotel

Baguio Country Club

Baguio Graysville Homestay

Baguio Holiday Villa's

Baguio Transient Dot Com

Baguio Vacation Apts

Bangkito Condo Unit Rental

Basawil Transient House

Bender Transient House

Benguet Prime Hotel and Restaurant

Bloomfield Hotel

Blue Mountain Hotel

Brentwood Apartelle And Catering Services

Carmela Transient House

Casa Bel

Casa Vallejo

Chalet Baguio

City Travel Hotel

Citylight Hotel

D & G Transient House

Dang's Place Transient House

Davi Mari Guest House

Dely's Inn

Destiny's Transient and Boarding House

Diamond Vacation Homes

Diaz Home

Dipasupil Real Estate

E & E Valley High Apartelle

Easter Home Baguio

EGI Albergo Hotel

El Cielito Hotel Baguio

Elmar Cabin


Fenteo Skylands Real Estate Leasing

Foggy Pines Garden

Fred's Lodging House

G1 Lodge

Gardenville Hotel

GJ Kaleen's House Rental

Glo's Ville Apartelle

Grand Sierra Pines

H.O.Y (House of Yogurt Lover) By Calajo

Highland Properties Residential Leasing

High Point Boutique Inn

Pine Breeze Cottages

Holiday Inn

Holiday Park Hotel

Hollywood Drive-in

Hotel 45

Hotel Cosmopolitan

Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

Hotel Henrico Kisad

Hotel Henrico Legarda

Hotel Lafe

Hotel Ramiro

Hotel Supreme and Convention Plaza

Hotel Veniz Burnham

Hotel Veniz Session

Ibay Zion Hotel

J Baban Real Estate Leasing

JCJ Transients

Jhun And Ritz Transient House

JM Mendoza

Kamiseta Hotel

Koinona Retreat Center

La Brea Inn

La Casa Bianca Bread & Breakfast

Lefern Hotel MAIN

Lefern Hotel Northdrive

Le Monet Hotel

Les Sarfenelle Penthouse

Log Cabin Hotel

Lyn's Baguio Transient House

M.E. Chiang Transient

Marian Kisad Inn

Marian Palazz Hotel

Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary

MBI Apartments Real Estate Leasing

Metro Pines Inn

Micasa Micama Biak Na Bato

Microtel Inn & Suites

Mila's Transient House

Mimi's Bed And Bath

Mines View Park Hotel

Mirador Jesuit Villa Retreat House

Mount Tepeyak Residences

Mountain Lodge Hotel

New Rajah Soliman Hotel And Restaurant

Newtown Plaza Hotel

NLDA Real Estate Leasing

Nyc Manhattan Suites

Noants Lodging House

NYC Manhattan Hotel

Oak And Stone Bed And Breakfast

Old Orangewood

Ozark Bed Breakfast Hotel

Paladin Hotel

Paragon Hotel

Peak Point Apartments

Peredo's Lodging House

Pine Breeze Cottages

Pine Breeze Cottages

Pines City Pensione Inn

Plaza Lodge Baguio

Prevera Real Property Management

Prince Plaza

Prince Plaza Hotel And Restaurant

Randy Lapid Transient House

Recedencia Alekzandra

Ricio Haus

Ridgewood Hotel

Ritz Legarda

RL Veranda Suites

Rozz Anne Zianna's Transient

Rubia Restaurant Bed & Breakfast

Sentosa Transient House

Sisko Inn

South Drive Manor

Sta. Theresa Inn

Starwood Hotel

Station 120

Sukhavati Inn

Sunset View Ridge Residences

Susan's Transient House

T.Alonzo I

T.Alonzo III

TAP Residences

Tesoro's Realty Corp

The Country Place Baguio

The Forest Lodge

The Golden Pine Hotel

The Manor

The Orchard Hotel

The Podium Boutique

Tiptop Vacation Homes

Tita Aidz Inn

Tourist Cabin

Tulip Apartelle

V Hotel

Venus Parkview Hotel

Verceles Alambra Homes Homestay

Vigor Pines Transient House

Villa Princess Theresa Inn

Villa Silvina Hotel

Villa Valencerina Apartment

Vinluan Transient House

Wanderer's Guesthouse & Apartments

Wood Pine Real Estate Leasing

Yang's Homestay

Yellow House Transient House

Zig Apartments

Zya Transient House

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